Car Key Programming Boston

Need to replace a car key?  Today’s technologies add convenience and security, but it’s no longer a matter of just cutting a new car key.  Most late-model motor vehicles now use wireless transponder chip keys coded for each vehicle to provide features such as remote starting and anti-theft protection.  If you’re in the greater Boston area we’ll replace and program your car remotes at rates far lower than dealerships.

Your remote may be a separate fob or part of a physical key.  Either way, transponders cross-verify with your vehicle’s onboard computer.  You may be able to unlock doors and even turn the ignition with the physical key, but the vehicle won’t start without a properly programmed transponder.

Our Programming Services

It’s only possible to program your car remote with your car present.  So we come to you throughout the greater Boston area to save you the cost of towing.  There’s no need to worry about the various types and different names — transponders, transponder chips, transponder keys, remotes, chip keys, proximity keys, keyless entry device…  We handle it all with the latest programming / “reflashing” equipment.

The details of programming car keys vary with particular makes and models.  It’s usually necessary to access the vehicle’s onboard-diagnostics port, and that sometimes means removing some paneling.  It typically takes us 10 to 20 minutes to program your car remote.  If you have lost or stolen transponders we can erase their codes from the onboard computer.

Additional Services

In addition to key programming services in Boston, we can also cut car key replacements with the appropriate transponders.  We stock a wide variety of car remotes, transponder chip keys, and laser-cut high-security keys.

Why Choose HMS Locksmiths?

You can count on us to be up to date on the latest high-security and transponder technologies and to get the job done right.  Our large fleet of vans is fully equipped with a large inventory for all makes and models together with the latest programming machines.  And of course, all our mobile technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured.