Rekey And Master Key

Boston’s Rekey & Master Key Experts

Dealing with a lost key or a disgruntled employee?  Rekeying your locks is an inexpensive alternative to changing your locks.  Tired of the “janitor syndrome” of an overloaded key ring?  Our master key experts will make things convenient for you and your employees without compromising security.  Whether rekeying a single lock or setting up an extensive master key system we serve all of Boston with outstanding commercial locksmith services.


What is rekeying a lock?  If a door lock has been compromised, rather than replacing the lock it’s usually possible and more economical to rekey the lock.  That involves removing the cylinder, changing the pins to match a different key pattern, then reassembling the lock.  An old key will no longer work, and we’ll cut new keys. It’s by far a more secure locksmith solution than replacement with a cheap lock.

Why rekey a lock?  If a key is lost or stolen you’ll want to block access from those keys as soon as possible.  If you’ve moved into a new office or other business facility it’s a good idea to rekey or upgrade all your locks to protect against any old keys that might be floating around.

Master Key Systems

With master key systems more than one key can open a lock.

Why is that a good thing?  All the locks in a facility can be set to work with the same additional key.  That way even though each door has a separate key to restrict access, the master key can unlock and lock them all.  An owner or manager only has to carry a single key.  That’s a lot lighter, less bulky, and more convenient.  And most importantly the time saved fumbling to find the right one can be critical in an emergency.  Our Boston commercial locksmiths can set up a system that restricts employees to just the doors they need to open, supervisors to a larger group, and security personnel to all doors.   All without having to replace locks in most cases.

We can also set up key control systems to track and control duplications, especially for the “grand master key.”

Additional Services

We’re a full-service commercial locksmith in Boston.  Sometimes replacing the lock is better for old or low-security designs.  We’re experts in the latest high security locks and access control systems.  To save money on repairs we can often replace just the lock cylinder rather than the entire lock.  Regardless, when changing your locks we’ll match the keying to the other doors.

Why HMS Locksmiths?

  • Our vans are packed with inventory and deployed throughout the Boston area.  That means dependably prompt arrivals
  • Those vans are also loaded with advanced cutting and programming machines to provide Boston commercial locksmith solutions that are always up to date for the best security.
  • We thrive on repeat business.  So you’ll get accurate estimates for affordable locksmith services from highly-trained experts.