Panic and Push Bar Installation Boston

Does your business need a panic bar installation or repair?  We’re a commercial locksmith in Boston proficient in providing panic hardware and push bar door openers.

The Need

Also called crash bars, you see them everywhere in public buildings.  But does your business actually need one?  If your facility has an occupancy of more than a few dozen people it’s most likely that you do.

In an emergency situation, a panic bar on exit doors voids the delay of entering a code, using a key, or worse still waiting for someone with a key.  Otherwise, a crowd can quickly develop, leading to more delays and panic.  Outfitted with panic bar exit devices the door remains locked from the outside but escape is quick and obvious.

OSHA federal regulations as well as state and local building codes require that commercial buildings above a given occupancy (typically 50 persons, depending on a few other factors) to have crash bars for unrestricted safety exits.  So most commercial establishments new and existing must have unlocking push bars in good working order to pass inspections.

Important Note:  Panic bars are not the same as fire doors for fire compliance, although in general, they must include the same quick-opening features.

Additional Benefits

Improving safety reduces your exposure to liability, and may qualify you for reduced insurance rates.  Push bars are also convenient for normal door opening so you’ll often find them even when they’re not required.

Our Services

We provide prompt and professional panic bar installation and repair throughout the Boston area.  That includes retrofitting glass, metal, and wood doors.  We understand local code requirements and are happy to guide you through the many technical and style options such as recessed and vertical designs along with electronic lock and deadbolt panic devices.

Our installation experts can include door alarms along with auto-close and auto-lock features as part of our full-line commercial locksmith services.

Why HMS Locksmiths?

We work hard to stay on top as a leading commercial locksmith in Boston.  Serving office suites to huge industrial facilities, we deploy our large fleet 24 hours a day for prompt arrival with advanced tools and products.  We also deliver on extra-fast hardware orders.