Fire Rated Door Installation and Repair Boston

Failed a fire inspection?  Want to avoid the hassle of a re-inspection and possible fine in the first place?  Fire safety is always a part of liability and personal responsibility.  And fire doors are an often neglected part of that.  Fire & smoke doors that are normally always closed are pretty low maintenance, but any automatic closing units are going to need some maintenance.  Regardless, all fire rated doors must be properly installed.  We’re the Boston experts in fire door repair and maintenance as well as installation services.

Fire & Smoke Doors

A single open door can provide plenty of air to feed a major blaze, and ordinary doors have a limited ability to withstand heat and flame.  So fire doors are an important part of building safety.  They contain the spread of flames, smoke, and toxic fumes until occupants can escape or the Boston Fire Department enters and tackles the blaze.

NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Protectives has been mandatory since 2007 and details requirements.  The main classes of resistance are:

  • Class A — 3-hour certification, for dividing a single building into fire zones,
  • Class B — 1 hour for vertical shafts and stairwells,
  • Class C — 45 minutes for  between rooms,
  • Class D — 90 minutes for exteriors with significant outdoor fire exposure potential, and
  • Class E — 45 minutes for exteriors with moderate or light exposure.

Several other factors also go into determining the proper class and certification rating, as do other standards such as NFPA 101, UBC 7-2, UL10B, and UL10C.  With a critical role in protecting occupants and reducing damage, getting it right is vital.

Within those classes, there is typically a range of choices and options, including hollow metal steel or aluminum construction as well as other materials.  Key types include swinging, rolling, and sliding doors.  Temperature rise doors minimize heat transfer, but this added feature isn’t necessary for buildings with sprinklers.  Swinging door options include single, double, and multiple opening as well as “communicating” and double egress.  Automatic release mechanism choices include electro-magnetic release, heat release, and motorized closing.

Our Boston Fire Door Installation Services

We’re the area’s experts in selecting and installing fire rated doors and frames along with any needed exit hardware.  Our installation services specialists will help you select the right rating, model, and options to meet Boston building codes and the specifics of your building.  They’ll then provide expert installation and adjustment.

Our Boston Fire Door Repair and Maintenance Services

Fire rated doors must be inspected and tested at least annually.  Common causes of failing inspections include broken hardware parts, obstructions, painted-over or missing signage and labels, poor maintenance, and physical-impact damage.  Smart business owners, property managers, and facility managers know it’s a good idea to have regular maintenance prior to any scheduled inspection.

We provide professional repair and maintenance by properly qualified personnel together with a full paper trail.  Quick and economical fire door repairs such as gap adjustment or perhaps replacing smoke seals, hinges, strikes, and silencers are usually all that it takes to avoid headaches and a big safety risk.  Our repair and maintenance services can also upgrade door and closer components, and if necessary make a complete replacement.

We urge all Boston businesses to take a fresh look at their fire protection — it’s too big a risk to ignore.