Transponder Key Replacement Boston

Has your transponder key been lost, stolen, or run through the washer and damaged?  We provide expert key duplication & programming throughout the greater Boston region.  Pretty much every vehicle manufactured after 1995 uses smart keys and remotes.  Any properly cut key will get you inside your car or truck, but you may need a transponder key fob to start the engine.  There’s no need to pay high dealership prices, and we’ll come to you.  Our locksmith services include transponder key duplication 24 hours a day.

Our Smart Key Duplication & Programming Services

Whether by appointment or in an emergency we serve greater Boston with exceptional transponder key duplication & programming.  That includes Flip keys and Fobik keys, keyless entry remotes, push to start remotes, transponders, and proximity keys.

‘Ever wonder… if your transponder ever needs a new battery?  Nope, they receive power the same way as wireless phone charging!

Key Cutting

We have the right blanks along with the right precision cutting and programming equipment for pretty much every type, make, and model there is.  That includes special high security and laser cut transponder keys.  If you’ve purchased a used vehicle we can duplicate additional keys based on the VIN (vehicle identification number) and remove prior codes from the vehicle’s onboard computer.


Remotes and key fobs have a unique serial number that the vehicle’s immobilizer system recognizes through a wireless connection.  We’ll re-flash keys and remotes so that your new keys will unlock doors and trunks and let you start the engine.

Additional Services

Our mobile automotive locksmiths can quickly take care of car lockouts, including key and broken-off key extraction, as well as ignition switch repairs.  And they’re ready 24/7.

Why HMS Locksmiths?

We deploy our large fleet of vans throughout the greater Boston area 24 hours a day to serve you better.  Well-stocked and fully-equipped they’re ready for just about anything.  We’re known and trusted for our quality workmanship, outstanding customer support, and no-surprise pricing.

TIP:  Beware of after-market transponders.  They’re often misidentified, and after you try to program them just once they become useless.

With HMS you can be confident your new smart keys will work properly and reliably for years to come.