Commercial Deadbolts and High Security Locks

Need extra security for your business?  Who doesn’t!  Our mobile locksmith services install, repair, and service deadbolt locks and high-security locks throughout the greater Boston, MA area.  We’re ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for on-time arrivals and top-quality work.

Deadbolt Locks

Ordinary door locks have a spring-loaded latch with a sloped edge.  That provides the convenience of keeping the door locked and simply pulling it shut when you leave.  But that also makes it easy for criminals to jimmy the door open.  Deadbolts have an extra-strong bolt that can be moved only by the key cylinder on the outside or a knob on the inside.  Many use standard pin tumblers, but we recommend bump-resistant spool pins for commercial door locks.  Our deadbolt lock installations and repairs entail the use of heavy-duty strike plates fastened with extra-long screws.  Double cylinder deadbolt locks require a key on the inside as well but can be a safety hazard / fire hazard in emergency situations.

High-Security Locks and Keys

High-security locks aren’t just more rugged.  They also use special key shapes and corresponding mechanisms (such as side cuts and sidebars) that make them impossible to pick.  We feature high-security deadbolts from quality technology leaders such as Medeco and Mul-T-Lock.

High-security locks mean high-security keys.  Their unique blanks and cutting equipment are tightly controlled and are available only to authorized dealers.  We require a verified authorization card for each key duplication and log all keys made.  Whether a new install, a replacement, or an upgrade we make sure they’re properly installed for maximum protection.

Our Boston locksmith services are available around the clock to keep your business safe and secure.  Our full line of services include emergency lockouts, rekey, change locks, master keying, keyless entry and access control systems.  We stock a wide range of commercial door locks and security hardware both economically priced models and high-end.

Why HMS 24 Hour Locksmiths?

  • We cover the Greater Boston Metro Area with a professional fleet packed with advanced tools and equipment.  You can count on a prompt on-schedule arrival with everything necessary to successfully complete the job.
  • Our commercial locksmiths are well-trained professionals that passed rigorous background checks and we are fully insured.
  • We work efficiently for highly affordable locksmith services, but never cut corners.  And we always discuss all fees in full before work begins.